Sam Headshot by Sarah ClarkSamuel Marlow is a motion picture and theatre writer, director, producer, and lecturer living and working in the southeast of England.

He owns and runs a number of small production companies and is the Artistic Director of the Electric Lantern Festival, a week-long film and video festival that takes place in Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Sam has also worked as a college lecturer and runs various movie-making workshops for all ages and abilities, as well as being a Kent County Council Licensed Chaperone.

His work and approach encompasses all aspects of production from initial concept and writing, through production design to include visual effects and musical composition.


In January of this year, Sam worked as cinematographer and visual effects supervisor on the award-winning dark comedy series M.O.T.H.E.R. Knows Best, starring and written by Chris Mayo and Scott Kingsnorth and featuring guest appearance from a variety of well know comedians.

Sam has written articles for a number of years on subjects ranging from his feelings on 3D films to the importance of giving children good horror stories.

The Danger of Inactive Heroes

X+Y Asa Butterfield

by Samuel Marlow. Published 13th May 2015

How a Lack of Character Motivation Killed X+Y. Sam looks at the importance of having identifiable goals in a main character, especially an unusual one.

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Sam is currently in the final stages of post production on romantic comedy All About Town, and has a slate of short and feature-length movies entering production in the near future.

Sam has recently taught himself metal working to create a series of swords and other prop weapons for a photo shoot, as well as handling other costume and general design concerns.

Photo courtesy and © Sarah Clark, 2016.