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Costume Designer, Photographer, Prop Maker

I am a versatile costume designer, photographer, and prop maker specialising in stage weapons, based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, with easy access to London.

Epic costume design

Costume Design and Construction

I design and make high-end bespoke costumes in a wide variety of styles and periods. My costumes emphasise visual spectacle and actor comfort.

Black and White Portrait of a Nude Male


I specialise in beautiful and creatively lit portraits, fashion, and fine-art photo shoots.

A prop sword

Prop Design and Manufacture

I create hand props of all shapes and sizes using durable materials that look great and can survive the rough life of the set.

My background as a director has given me a unique understanding of the needs of the actors' needs, as well as the production's and the budget's! I balance comfort, safety, practicality, durability, beauty and cost.

With a seamless fusion of prop design and making, costume design and making, and photography, I offer a holistic approach to creativity. By combining my multidisciplinary expertise, I ensure that every aspect of your project is infused with artistic integrity, technical excellence, and a cohesive vision.

If you are looking for captivating props, stunning costumes, or timeless imagery, take a journey into the realms of creativity. Feel free to browse my website to see a selection of my creative endeavours.