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57th Woking Drama Festival

6th October 2015

I went to see two plays at the opening night of the 57th Woking Drama Festival. One of them I know very well... Read more ›

When Did News Become Gossip?

5th January 2015

Following a de facto media blackout in November and December, I've been far more aware that the news seems more like gossip. Read more ›

Hard Work Pays Off

18th December 2014

After months of hard work, Trinity's A Christmas Carol is rewarded with a glowing 4-star review in The Stage. Read more ›

A National Theatre Documentary Raped My Mind

10th September 2014

How an NT Live 'Making Of' documentary screened before Medea ruined my enjoyment of it. Read more ›

Rik Mayall, A Glorious B'Stard

5th June 2014

With the sad passing of comic legend Rik Mayall this week, I consider his role as a straight actor and mourn what might have been. Read more ›

The Fast-Cheap-Quality Triangle

24th April 2014

I have found myself having to explain the Fast-Cheap-Quality Triangle to a lot of clients recently. I outline the basics of this beautifully simple, elegant and eternally true principle. Read more ›

Transmission Interrupted Update

2nd April 2014

Sorry I've been quiet recently. I've been shooting a movie! Read more ›

NYCVS Award Ceremony

25th October 2013

The SAFE project I worked on is nominated for an award recognising work between adults and young people. Read more ›

Big Top Video Workshop

5th August 2013

Get hands-on with light, camera and sound equipment to see how a scene is shot, and pick up some micro-budget tips at Trinity Theatre's Big Top Introduction to Video Workshop. Read more ›

Cuckoo Calling

16th July 2013

I could be being unnecessarily cynical - I know, control yourself! - but I can't help feel a little curiosity that news that hitherto unheard of detective novel The Cuckoo's Calling was in fact written by JK Rowling moments before hitting the shelves and soaring to top of the best-seller list. Read more ›

S(c/k)eptical Tarot

13th July 2013

It's been a long time coming, but I finally made it to a Tunbridge Wells' Skeptics In The Pub meeting last week. In fact I made it to two. The first was a fascinating talk, given the provocative title 'How America Saved The English Language', the second was 'Confessions Of A Tarot Reader'. Read more ›

First Post

12th July 2013

So after literally years of pussy-footing around the subject, I decided to start a proper blog. But, because nothing can be simple and I'm a weird control freak that way, I decided not to go with any of the usual providers. Read more ›