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57th Woking Drama Festival

6th October 2015

I went to see two plays at the opening night of the 57th Woking Drama Festival. One of them I know very well... Read more ›

Midnight Blue Released

20th December 2014

The Christmas Special for suburban superhero web series Midnight Blue is released online. Read more ›

Midnight Mass Online Premiere

19th December 2014

Midnight Mass, a short film I wrote for a Literary Advent Calendar last year premieres online. Read more ›

Cast of the Mind - Writing Better Characters

23rd April 2014

I discuss a simple but effective method I have found to write more convicing and emotionally engaing characters that anyone can use. Read more ›

Transmission Interrupted Update

2nd April 2014

Sorry I've been quiet recently. I've been shooting a movie! Read more ›

Evergreen Short Story

2nd February 2014 (originally 21st Dec 2013)

In the second of two short pieces for the Tunbridge Wells Writers' Literary Advent Calendar I write about the Shortest Day, and a lone tree. Read more ›

Midnight Mass Short Script

2nd February 2014 (originally 3rd Dec 2013)

The first of two short pieces of fiction I contributed to the Tunbridge Wells Writers' Literary Advent Calendar. Read more ›

Christmas SoapBox

2nd February 2014

My unpublished SoapBox rant on the declining quality of Christmas television for local magazine StayGo. Read more ›

Why No NaNoWriMo

19th November 2013

A list of my excuses for not writing a novel during NaNoWriMo. Read more ›

Designing Cartoon Characters Is Hard

30th October 2013

A quick look at designing cartoon characters for animation. Read more ›

Summer In February Q&A

23rd July 2013

Producer Pippa Cross and writer Jonathan Smith, who adapted his own novel, will be attending Trinity's screening of their film Summer In February at 8pm on Weds 31st July to answer your questions. Read more ›

The Name Game

14th July 2013

As usual I was a fairly late-comer to a big pop-culture event, namely Katie Hopkins' bashing of certain first names. As a writer, I feel qualified to discuss people's names as, despite appearances, we tend not to select names at random. Coincidentally, I recently named a young character 'Tyler' who is the adolescent son of an alcoholic and petty thief. Read more ›