Final Draft of All About Town Complete

14th April 2013

One of those good news/bad news scenarios - I've finished the final draft of the script for anthology feature film All About Town... but it's 20 pages longer than I want it to be.

All About Town final Draft

Without doubt this has been the most persistently frustrating script I have written. While I can usually bash out a first draft fairly quickly, All About Town took 18 months to gestate from initial idea to typing "Fade Out" at the bottom of page 100.

After several rewrites in which I honed the sructure and streamlined the themes, I have just typed "Fade Out" on page 111 of the final draft. It is this draft that will go out to cast, crew and locations. It will inevitably undergo some revision before and during shooting, but this is as close as it has got to the finished thing.

Why the long face, then? After all screenwiring guru Blake Snyder says scripts should be 110 pages long, so I'm more or less right on the money. Well, yes, but I was also aiming for a 90 minute running time. Given each completed script-page translates to about one minute of screen time, this draft will end up being nearly two hours long.

Looks like I need to get the old red pen out...


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