Trinity Theatre Animation Workshop

Animation Workshop

Animation Workshop | 2014

Late in 2013, the new head of Trinity's Youth Theatre approached Sam to be part of a three-person team to run a three-day animation workshop.

While Sam explained his experience of stop-motion animation was limited, it was explained he was being used more for his familiarity with equipment and conventional movie-making technique, as well as his experience working with kids, and that the bulk of the animation would be left to his two colleagues.

Always up for a challenge, Sam accepted, and helped structure the workshop, provide general technical guidance, and discuss story and character with the participants.

Over the three days, the participants created several animations each designed to teach them a different skill ranging from simple narrative to motion and lip-synching.

Sam also produced a DVD of the participants' work that was sent out to them a couple of weeks after the end of the workshop.

A playlist of the finished animations can be seen below.