Since acquiring his Chaperone License in 2010, Sam has chaperoned young performers on a variety of productions, ranging from individual actors to a company of nearly 50 actors, dancers and singers. Sam has been brought in as a consultant on the arrangements for and managing the chaperoning of several large shows, and is a trained First Aider.

Sam's work directing young actors has helped him in creating a good working relationship with performers as young as 8 years old, up to those who are almost adults. Sam is of the opinion that young performers are fundamentally no different from adult performers, and should be given the same respect, courtesy and right to make decisions as anyone else would. He is adamant in his belief that "this is not school" and he "is not a school teacher".

This approach of speaking to the kids he is chaperoning with respect and kindness has been very successful in developing a strong rapport and trust with his charges, which means they speak honestly to him and are quick to say if they are unhappy or feel unsafe. As a result, the atmosphere is often fun and lively while being safe and professional.

Sam's techniques have since been incorporated into the Kent County Council Chaperone training course, with some of Sam's approaches being cited directly.

In 2014, Trinity Theatre approached Sam about running the chaperoning for their production of A Christmas Carol, asking him to be responsible for vetting chaperones, organising the schedule of who would chaperone what shows, and be on hand for each performance, so there was a familiar face the whole time.

Trinity Theatre again asked Sam to be responsible for the chaperoning on their commercial and critical hit Oliver! in 2015, where he was responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of nearly 50 young performers.