Child of the Gods

Child of the Gods

Stage Play | Unproduced | Writer


When his mother and older brother are killed in the Blitz, young Charlie takes to hiding in the small West End theatre where his brother worked as a stage hand. Fearful that he will be sent to a war orphanage, and desperate to stay in London for when his father returns from North Africa, Charlie takes on his brother's job in the hope of not being discovered.

His plans are changed, though when Mr Muller, the theatre's owner, is released from an Enemy Alien Camp and allowed to return to work. Muller is seriously considering closing the theatre for the duration of the war, but his Stage Manager, the fierce Mrs Mansfield talks him into trying out some new talent.

They soon joined by Anna, a Jewish Austrian working in a hospital, sent to London in the Kindertransport, who is a skilled pianist. It is not long, though before Charlie is discovered, and Muller's desire to close the theatre grows.

It is up to Charlie to rally the others to stop the theatre closing.


The idea to writer Child of the Gods (a play on the name for the seats furthest from the stage in a theatre) came to Sam over Christmas 2011. While working on a number of Christmas shows as a camera operator, it occurred to him that his own favourite stories at Christmas were the ones that were darker.

With wall-to-wall pantomimes in an already sickly-sweet season, Sam decided to try writing his first stage play in part as an exercise in writing a darker seasonal tale, and to constrain himself to a single location.


Production Company Ghostlight Theatre Co.
Page Count 101
Number of Characters 10
Number of Locations One with five areas
Time and Place 1940s London
Status Unproduced
Rights Available
Year 2012
Country England, UK


Charlie Male, 10-13. A war orphan.
Anna Female, 12-15. An Austrian evacuee.
Mr Muller Male, 60s. A German Jewish theatre owner.
Mrs Mansfield Female, 60s. The Stage Manager.
Maurice Male, 20s. A magician.
Lottie Female, 18-21. A theatre assistant.
Ghosts of Actors Various. The Ghosts of Actors
Fireman Male, age unspecified. A fireman