Electric Lantern Motion Picture Festival

Electric Lantern Motion Picture Festival

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For the first time, Sam decided to open up the Festival to national and international submissions, and focus exclusively on motion picture in the form of narrative drama, comedy, documentary, animation and music video.

The response was so overwhelming that he had to programme four extra days of screenings and convert the gallery into a second screening room.

Programming groups of films together that were related but also very different, Sam hoped to show his audience films they may not ordinarily choose to see. The result was a huge critical success, garnering massive compliments for the Festival's artistic vision of showing the common threads in humanity.

The Festival ultimately screened over 60 films from 18 countries (several of which were at war with each other at the time!), 41 of which were world and UK premieres. The Festival closed with the premiere of Traveller, starring David Essex and Billy Cook.

The Festival's full programme can be found on the Electric Lantern Festival 2013 website.

Watch the Festival's submission trailer: