Midnight Blue

Midnight Blue

Web Series | 2014 | Writer, Producer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor


The small commuter town of Forest Spa is devastated to discover that the Sparrow, a masked crime-fighter they thought patrolled their (admittedly very safe) streets, was in fact a publicity stunt.

The only person not to be distraught at the news is young Nathan, who never believed in the Sparrow to begin with. As the town turns its anger inwards, a case of mistaken identity causes the townsfolk to think Nathan is picking up where the Sparrow left off. He is left with the option to out himself and risk doing more harm, or stick with it despite his cynicism.



Nathan / Midnight Blue Matthew Turbett
"K" James Kermack
"Santa Claus" Oliver John
Tim Crown Julian Maple
Thug Elf Matt Syms
Little Girl Lily Pfeil
Shop Owner Nat O'Millervan
Unlucky Elf Matt Lees

Writer, Producer, Director Samuel Marlow
Directors of Photography
Isacc Hargreaves
Alex Butler
Sound Recordists
Connor Plane
Eric Vance
Original Music Michael Hall
Musical Arrangement Ed Field


Production Company Mainspring Web Television Co.
Running Time Various
Rating Unrated
Colour Colour
Language English
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Format HD (1080p)
Sound Stereo
Status On Air
Country England, UK