Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass

Short Film | 2014 | Writer, Director, Producer, Editor


Two runaway teenagers break into what they believe to be a deserted church late at night on Christmas eve. Searching for anything of value, they find more than they intended.

Sam was commissioned to write Midnight Mass along with another work of fiction for the Tunbridge Wells Writers "Literary Advent Calendar" in November 2013.

It was in August 2014 that, having completed work on Transmission Interrupted he felt the itch to translate what was only ever intended to be a stand-alone script into a short film.

You can read the original screenplay here »



Jess Juliette Finn
Rev Martin Kris Robertson
Danny Ollie Bignell
Allison Alison Seddon

Writer, Producer, Director Samuel Marlow
Director of Photography Mark Webster
Sound Recordist Duncan Paterson
Boom Operator Scott Kingsnorth
Editor Alex Butler
Casting Assistant Bethan Kate Minter
Music Ed Field


Production Company Ephemeral Short Film Co.
Running Time 6′ 30″
Rating Unrated
Colour Colour
Language English
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Format HD (1080p)
Sound Stereo
Status Completed
Country England, UK