Trinity Theatre Movie Workshop

Movie Workshop

Movie Workshop | 2015

More than three years since the School of Shock and with the success of the Animation Workshops, Sam was asked back to Trinity Theatre to run another Movie-Making Workshop.

In a departure from previous movie-making workshops, here the participants were split into small production companies of five to six people, and given complete creative freedom.

Over the three days, Sam explained the basics of narrative and how to create a story that develops and resolves in a satisfactory way, as well as the basics of production.

For two days the participants worked as a team to shoot their movies, and were given the raw footage so they could edit it in their own time if they wanted to.

Not all the participants wanted to edit their own work, so Sam also produced a DVD of all the shorts, which was sent out to the participants a few weeks after the workshop finished.

Movie Workshop DVD

The participants' finished movies can be seen below, along with a Behind the Scenes look at how they were made.

The Pill

The Spy's The Limit

Pretty Prankers

Behind The Scenes