Stage Musical | 2015 | Marketing and Promotion, Design and Animation, Chaperoning


Lionel Bart's famous and perennially popular musical was a commercial and critical success for Trinity Theatre in 2015. Featuring a talented cast of professional and new performers, the show featured all the well-known and loved songs everyone is familiar with.

For the show, Sam was again asked to create a series of animations that would overlay and play behind the action, and were present for most of the running time. He worked with a collaborator Tim Gear for the first time to create the animations of a single style. Sam also created a body of marketing material, including a live-action trailer and cast interview.

During the show, Sam was responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of the 48 young performers, including the two lead roles of Oliver and The Artful Dodger.

To watch the animations Sam created for this production, go to the Work - Graphics page.


Cast and Crew

Oliver Twist
Cameron Hatton
George Thomas
The Artful Dodger
Zach Loizou
George Moorman
Fagin John Martin
Nancy Laura Coard
Bill Sykes Samuel Donnelly
Mr Bumble Leigh Stevenson
Widow Corney Sara-Louisa Parry
Mr Sowerberry, Dr Grimwig Alan Atkins
Mrs Sowerberry, Mrs Bedwin Suzanne Proctor
Connie Everett
Jenna Spray
Noah Claypole
Carl Gamage
Nathan Whale
Charlotte Sowerberry
Lydia Johnson
Charlotte Lester
Charlie Bates
Ethan Chapman
John Palourti
Joe Morel-Paulo
Lawrence Rose
Bullseye Dot the Dog

Director/Producer John Martin
Co-Director Alex Howarth
Musical Director/Musical Supervisor Tony Stenson
Conductor/Musical Director Jack Pilcher May
Choreographer Elizabeth Witt
Set Design Andy Newell
Lighting Design Theo Farringdon
Stage Manager Duncan Hands
Animation and Visual Design
Tim Gear
Samuel Marlow