Other Work

Over the years, Sam has acquired a number of skills that keep him busy when he's not producing, writing or running a film festival.

Sam studied photography as part of his college course, satisfying an ambition he had had for many years. Though he has stopped taking photographs for pleasure in the last few years, he jumped at the chance to be part of Kate Sims' Tuesday With Vous project.

Tuesday With Vous

Having initially trained as a designer, Sam puts his skills to whatever use he can when working on other projects, often this manifests in the form of film poster, but also the design and creation of fake brands to get around issues of copyright and product placement.

Similarly, if a prop cannot be found or got for a reasonable price, Sam will often turn to making it himself, whether a simple take-away coffee cup or an ultra-safe flick-knife prop reverse engineered from a costume prop.

Coffee Cup

Though a lot of the skills overlap, Sam has only recently found himself working in the theatre, initially as a producer on small-scale shows, then moving onto working with young performers on larger productions.

More recently Sam has worked as an actor on a number of audio plays, keen to gain experience seeing the world from that side of the actor-director relationship to help him work better with his own cast.

The only area of Sam's work not instantly tied to his background is web development. After struggling to find someone who could create a suitable website on the timescale and budget he was looking for, Sam decided to teach himself the basics in December of 2012. He has since built a dozen of his own websites and has been commissioned for six others.

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