Trinity Theatre Introduction to VFX Workshop

VFX Workshop

Visual Effect Workshop | 2016

Following numerous requests for a more advanced movie workshop, Sam was asked by Trinity Theatre to create an Introduction to Visual Effects Workshop.

Being a very broad subject, Sam finally settled on a format where the participants would create footage for a trailer for a fictional super-hero movie. This would allow the creation of different types of visual effects ranging from miniature photography and simple compositing to magical and super-powers, while including traditional in-camera effects like forced perspective. The workshop also covered how to light and shoot visual effects elements, as well as the all-important planning.

Sam edited the footage together into a trailer for the fictional super-hero movie The Heroes. Make sure you watch to the end for some post-credit out-takes!

In the spring, Sam also shot a trailer to give participants an idea of some of the effects the workshop would show them how to achieve: