White Devil

White Devil

Short Feature | 2008 | Writer, Director of Photography


Anthony Jarman's Vietnam-set horror film was shot in the summer of 2008. Anthony asked Sam to write the screenplay based on his initial pitch called Radio Man at the time. Sam took Anthony's ideas and part of a first draft and reworked it into the shooting script.

Later Sam worked as the Director of Photographer on the week-long shoot. The production was shot available light on a Canon HDV camera using a Letus 35mm lens adapter and Pentax prime lenses.

Cast and Crew

Pvt Skywood Gareth Turkington
Sgt Campbell Matthew Raymond
Lt Lucas Daniel Jarvis
Pvt Matthers Stuart Innes
White Devil Phillip Hawkey

Producer, Director Anthony Jarman
Writer Samuel Marlow
Director of Photography Samuel Marlow
Assistant Director Paul Seymour
Production Assistant Stefanie Keegan


Production Company Good Idea Productions
Running Time 30m
Rating TBC
Colour Colour
Language English
Aspect Ratio 1.85:1
Format HD (1080i)
Sound Stereo
Release Date 2013
Country: England, UK