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About Me

I identify myself as a storyteller first and foremost. Where others use words, music or actions, I use cloth, wood, metal and light.

Samuel Marlow sitting on Brighton Beach in the Sunshine

My fascination with the art of visual storytelling began early in my life, leading me to train as a production designer and photographer. In this immersive world of visuals, I found my true calling – to create evocative narratives that resonate with audiences on a profound level.

For over a decade, I had the privilege of working in regional theatre, honing my craft as a costume designer and prop maker. This experience enriched my understanding of the transformative power of costumes and the importance of immersive props that breathe life into stories. I cherished every moment of this theatrical adventure, creating credible worlds for characters to inhabit. I've learned firsthand the power of costumes and props in bringing characters and narratives to life on stage and on screen.

In addition to my work in the theatre, I am also a writer-director with a passion for cinematic storytelling. Over the years, I've produced a number of short films, worked on award-winning web series, and feature film. One of my proudest accomplishments was directing an all-youth production of J.M. Barrie's original script for Peter Pan in 2019, igniting the imaginations of young actors and audiences alike.

With a multifaceted background in production design, photography, costume making, and prop design, I approach every project with a wealth of artistic knowledge and technical finesse. I take pride in forming genuine connections with clients and collaborators, crafting bespoke creations that elevate their creative vision.