Life Is A Stage

Life Is A Stage

Short Film | 2012 | Writer, Producer, Director, DoP, Editor


When an ordinary man suddenly finds himself on stage faced with an impatient audience, his first instinct is to run. Unable to find a way out, his only hope for escape is the advice of an ambiguous host.

With his very existence on the line the unfortunate guest must dig down deep to find the answers the audience want to hear.


Cast and Crew

The Guest Daniel Jarvis
The Host Mark Hoskin
Audience Members Lawrence Robinson
Will Berendt
Gill Blaydon
Stephen Elsden

Writer, Director, Producer Samuel Marlow
Assistant Director Andrew Schonenberger
Sound Recordist Craig Burton
Music Michael Hall
Technical Supervisor James Diaper
Director of Photography, Editor Samuel Marlow (as Alex Butler)


Production Company Ephemeral Short Film Co.
Running Time 9′ 30″
Rating TBC
Colour Colour
Language English
Aspect Ratio 1.85:1
Format HD (1080p)
Sound Stereo
Release Date March 2012
Country England, UK